Projets Européens

36 months


ViaMéca is partner of the S3FOOD project that will start in May 2019. This project will facilitate the digitalization of the food processing industry by stimulating the implementation of smart sensor systems in the food production processes and thus making the generation of digital data possible and also by providing training and support in relation to data collection, management and mining.2 open calls for proposals will be launched in 2020 to provide food processing SMEs and technology providing SMEs with financial support (through vouchers) and training to carry out their innovation activites. The successful SMEs will be awarded with an innovation voucher worth up to the value of 60 000.00€:Travel voucher (to help maturation of ideas and projects): up to 650.00€Scalability and feasibility analysis voucher (to transfer an innovation to the market): up to 30 000.00€Prototyping voucher (to develop cross-sectoral/-cluster/-border prototype of a new improved technology, service, product or production process): up to 60 000.00€Demonstration voucher (to demonstrate cross-sectoral/-cluster/-border solutions in relation to the living labs, pilot facilities or technology platforms) : up to 60 000.00€

Project duration 36 months
Project title Smart Sensor Systems for Food Safety, Quality Control and Resource Efficiency in the Food Processing Industry
Project acronym S3FOOD
Start date 01/05/2019
Closure date 30/04/2022
Total budget 5 038 452.75 EUR
ERDF contribution 3 993 620.00 EUR
Website Launched soon
Partners INNOSkart ICT Cluster (Hungary), Flanders’ FOOD (Belgium), AgriFood Capital BV (Netherlands), AIN (Spain), ASINCAR (Spain), Bretagne Développement Innovation (France), CLUSAGA (Spain), Corallia (Greece), Danish Food Cluster (Denmark), DSP Valley (Belgium), Food-Processing Initiative (Germany), ViaMéca (France), Wagralim (Belgium), Campden BRI Hungary (Hungary – 3rd party), ITG (Spain – 3rd party), Terralia (France – 3rd party)
36 months


ViaMéca is partner of the DIGIFOF project since January 2019. This projects proposes a network of training environments where HEIs, enterprises, and training institutions come together to develop skills profiles, trainings concepts as well as materials for design aspects of the Factory of the Future (FoF). It will create an organizational structure to foster knowledge transfer between industry and academia, aiming to provide educational and experimental OMiLAB4FoF, where FoF-aspects can be taught practically or experimented with. They will be equipped with a variety of open source tools suitable to the FoF-aspects.

Program Erasmus+
Project duration 36 months
Project title The FoF-Designer: Digital Design Skills for Factories of the Future
Project acronym DIGIFOF
Start date 01/01/2019
Closure date 31/12/2021
Total budget -EUR
ERDF contribution -EUR
Website Launched soon
Partners University Lucian Blaga Sibiu (Romania), Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne (France), University of Bergamo (Italy), University of Oulu (Finland), Bialystok University of Technology (Poland), BOC Information Technologies Consulting (Poland), Continental Automotive Systems SRL (Romania), CLEXTRAL (France), ViaMéca (France), CIRIDD (France), Associazione Fabbrica Intelligente Lombardia (Italy), Innovation and Development Promotion Centre (Poland), Cluster Metal Manufacturing Transilvania (Romania), OMiLAB (Germany), Society of Collaborative Networks (Portugal), University of Chonbuk (South Korea – associated partner), University of Vienna (Austria – associated partner)
24 months


ViaMéca is partner of the CONNSENSYS project since November 2018. The aim of this project is to set-up a platform between food- and electronic/IT cluster organisations, relevant research and technology organisations (RTO’s) and other stakeholders, to lower the barriers for food companies to access and implement the newest smart electronic systems and to enable the Internet of Things (IoT) transition of the food industry. We also aim to join up comparable living labs, staffed with competent, multidisciplinary teams, from different European regions, to facilitate the sharing of best practices and complement each other’s expertise.

Program COSME
Project duration 24 months
Project title Connecting smart sensors systems for the food industry
Project acronym CONNSENSYS
Start date 01/11/2018
Closure date 31/10/2020
Total budget 466 628.00 EUR
ERDF contribution 349 967.00 EUR
Partners Flanders’ FOOD (Belgium), INNOSkart ICT Cluster (Hungary), Campden BRI Hungary (Hungary), Pood-Processing Initiative (Germany), ASINCAR (Spain), ViaMéca (France), Galicia Food Cluster (Spain), Technology Institute of Galicia (Spain).
Interreg Alpine Space
24 months


ViaMéca is partner of the BIFOCALps project since November 2016. This projects aims to boost collaboration and synergies among main actors of the Alpine region innovation system for a sustainbale, smart and competitive development of the value chain of manufacturing sector towards Factory of the Future (FoF) practices. In 2017, ViaMéca alongside Grenoble INP have coordinated a work package devoted to identify best practices and gain better knowledge on successful and sustainable implementation of 4.0 technologies. On November 28th 2017, a regional workshop was held in Saint-Etienne in order to present the results of this activity.

Program Interreg Alpine Space
Project duration 24 months
Project title Boosting Innovation in Factory of the future value Chain in the Alps
Project acronym BIFOCAlps
Start date 01/11/2016
Closure date 31/10/2018
Total budget 1 619 240,00 EUR
ERDF contribution 1 376 354,00 EUR
Partners Pordenone Technology Centre (ITA) University of Udine (ITA) Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH (AT) Technology Park Ljubljana Ltd. (SLO) National Research Council of Italy (ITA) Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (AT) Soča Valley Development Centre (SLO) bwcon GmbH (GER) Italian-German Chamber of Commerce Munich-Stuttgart (GER) Grenoble INP (FRA) ViaMéca (FRA)